How One COPAA Member Helped Another

COPAA member Jerry S. went from being a single leg amputee to losing both legs last spring. In order for him to continue driving and remain independent, he had hand controls installed in his car. Previously, as a right below knee amputee, he had a left foot accelerator in his car so that he could use his left foot to be able to drive. Once he had his second amputation, he no longer would be able to use either foot to drive, so he had the hand controls installed, which meant that he no longer needed the left foot accelerator. He contacted me and said that he would like to donate the left foot accelerator to anyone in the group who might be able to use it. I put the word out and Rick N., a right below knee amputee, responded and asked if it was still available. I put him in touch with Jerry and they made arrangements to make it possible for Rick to pick up the accelerator. Jerry had one that you secure to the floor of the car and another one that was portable and could be transferred to any car at any time and he was donating both. This is such a wonderful example of how we support each other at COPAA. Nice going, Jerry!


Posie Mansfield, COPAA President and Co- Founder:

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